Yamaga Silk Moisturizing

Most people may not think about silk when they think about moisturizers, or that any component of silk could play a vital role in moisturizing properties. But the silk that silkworms spin is made up of 100% protein and has an unbeatable moisture retaining function.

We are carrying a line of products in store, that contain Yamaga silk which is spun by silkworms that are carefully reared in clean facilities and are fed organic mulberry leaves that are cultivated in Yamaga City. This silk is special in that it contains more protein than other silk which is an important factor in moisture retention and therefore makes for a high quality product that will give the user the best moisture retaining effects.

Another advantage to Yamaga silk is that while most silkworm breeding is badly affected by agricultural chemicals due to pesticides, this is not the case with Yamaga silk, since the orchard is located far from flatlands which makes it possible to grow organic mulberry leaves without the worry of pesticides. 70% of the employees work at the so-called “orchard in the sky“. Through the silk business, the company aims to connect people and revitalize the region by increasing stable employment opportunities.

The products contain a good balance of natural fat derivatives as well as natural plant oils and in the end are made up of at least 90% naturally derived ingredients. The face and hand soap is even 100% natural!

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