The Kitchen Centerpiece

When redesigning or renovating a kitchen, an island is often at the top of the clients wish list. It is the centerpiece of a kitchen, no matter the size of the overall space. A kitchen island can not only offer more storage opportunities but it can also create more prep space which is welcomed by both avid cooks as well as bakers. It can serve as an additional gathering area for friends and family that will allow you to socialize while preparing a meal and offers additional seating opportunities for smaller meals like breakfast. Additionally, an island provides the opportunity to separate your kitchen into different working stations, being that you can equip them with sinks and dishwashers as well as under-counter wine refrigeration. Stove tops can of course also be installed into a kitchen island, so you have more options and versatility of how you want to lay out your overall kitchen and find a workflow that works best for you.

Apart from all its functional aspects, a kitchen island is a statement piece and a real eye catcher when entering into the space. It allows for an opportunity to bring in different colors and styles to the rest of the cabinetry. You can choose to match the cabinetry of your island to the style of the kitchen cabinetry or you can opt for a more open design of the island, if you are not concerned with gaining more storage space below or do not need to install a sink or a hob into your island. The possibilities are endless!

Have you considered the addition of a kitchen island? Which style would best fit your vision?

Have a look below for some inspiration!

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