The importance of a nice Home

We have always valued a nice home and have had a lasting passion for Interior Design. But now more than ever we are really reinforced in our belief that a nice interior can have a big impact on the well being of its occupants. A space creates an atmosphere that can make you feel comfortable, safe, inspired, and energized all at the same time, if done right.

All of us have been spending a lot of time at home in the recent weeks. No matter where you call home, whether its a house out in the suburbs or out in the country, or a condo downtown, its important that you create a space you enjoy spending a lot of time in. With this extra time, it could be a great opportunity to think about ways you can spruce up your interiors and plan some home improvement projects!

A good place to start is to ask yourself how you want the space to feel. Formal and elegant or playful and modern? Here it helps to sort out the things that you don’t like. For example, colors, patterns or fabrics that you definitely don’t want to include in your home.

Color is a big part of interiors and setting the tone of the home. Whether it is an accent wall or an entire room, color will evoke different feelings. A quick look into Color Psychology reveals that earth tones have a grounding effect, yellow is energizing, red is stimulating and so on. In any case, colors have a huge impact on a persons mood.

See the photos below for some inspiration! All photos are courtesy of Little Greene Paint and Paper, a company we carry in store!

Stay tuned for more tips in our next blog post, and stay healthy!