These cold winter months are best accompanied by a hot cup of your favorite tea, whether its at home or on the go, or perhaps even a quick tea break while out doing winter activities in the snow. We love tea, and some of our favorites are produced by the French company, Mariage Frères. Their tea offering is the largest on the planet, with a selection of over 800 teas from 36 tea producing countries. This wide range of teas includes white teas, yellow teas, green teas, black teas, blue teas, red teas, matured teas, compressed teas, crafted and blended teas. All of the necessary accessories for preparation, conservation and preservation are used in accordance with the French art of tea so that the end product is always of the highest quality possible.

The company was founded in 1854 in Paris, and was managed by four generations of Mariage tea merchants for 130 years, who focused mainly on wholesale business, where premium quality leaf teas were imported from the Orient and then traded to first class hotels as well as tea shops across France. Eventually, the company moved on from the wholesale business model and turned into a retail business. The start of this new era was with Tea houses throughout central Paris. In 1983, the first Tea Emporium and Tea Salon was opened in Paris with idyllic 19th century exotic and colonial furniture. Today the company has expanded greatly and has resellers in 60 countries and is served in grand hotels throughout Europe and Asia. The newest addition is their online shop that allows for worldwide distribution.

Some quick tips for your next tea time: The most important things to consider when it comes to successful tea preparation is the steeping time as well as the water temperature. If you want to preserve the tea flavors and aromas, it is best to use purified water. The leaves should always be take out of the pot before serving the tea.

We carry a large selection of Mariage Frères tea, as well as some sweet delights to go along with your tea, like shortbread biscuits for example. We are happy to assist you and consult on all of the different types of teas so you leave with a flavor you are sure to love. Whether that is white tea from Scotland, Tea from New Zealand, Chinese and Formosa milky tea, or blue tea from Thailand.

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