Sustainability is at the forefront of every product that we hand select and we value companies that have made this a top priority as well. One such company is Eldvarm. They select materials, design, produce and package their products with the environment in mind. The result is a high end product that is both beautiful and sustainable.

One example of how a product can meet these environmentally friendly standards is in the type of material that is used. When it comes to the use of wood in products, you want to look for an FSC certification, which means that it comes from sustainable forests. Sustainable forestry helps to keep the balance between economy and ecology, while managing the felling of forests to safeguard the future of our planet. Other sustainable forestry practices include the controlled burning to encourage forest regeneration, and continually monitoring the health of the forest.

Another popular natural material that is used in Interiors is leather. When dealing with leather treatment, it is all about going back to the roots. The most traditional way of tanning leather is with the vegetable tanning technique. This method not only creates a more durable, longer lasting leather with beautiful, natural variations but it also avoids using chrome and other toxins. Since working with leather typically creates a lot of waste, due to its irregular shape and natural variations in colors, it is advised to use a computer program that calculates the most efficient shape to avoid this excess waste.

Below are some examples of Eldvarm products that are made of both wood and leather in sustainable ways, that show that sustainability and beauty can go hand-in-hand.

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