Back in 1887, two entrepreneurs from Germany decided to create a soap and fragrance factory in the beautiful, historic city of Porto. The permits and plans for the factory were laid out by 1891 and this location has been the site for production to this day. The production still follows the principles and traditions of the early days and has been passed down through generations. The process involves a long paper trail, where designs, inspirations and sketches are documented and which can be traced back to the beginning. Designs were created by hand for the various perfume and cologne bottles, including the labels. The designs, as well as the fragrances themselves have always been inspired by the scents and landscapes of the country. Today, one can visit the store in Porto where the products are dispersed over a 3 story townhome with one floor dedicated solely to an ongoing exhibition space where items from the archives are publicly displayed.

The collection of products has expanded over the years to include, moisturizers, body care products for both men and women, candles, and ceramic soap dishes. The scents take you on a journey through the luscious landscape of the region including fresh scents inspired by the seaside like „Cerine Brise Marine“ as well as a full range of floral scents that include „Favorito Red Poppy“ and „Chypre Cedar Poinsettia“. The soaps are made with a 100% vegetable cleaning base and enriched with shea oil for a rich, smooth and creamy lather. Each soap is wrapped in unique, handcrafted graphic prints inspired by various art movements, in rich colors. They are a delight for all senses!

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