Neptune: Fall and Winter Collection

As usual, Neptune doesn’t disappoint in this seasons Autumn and Winter collection. Among many of the new items and color palettes, is a fully customizable wall shelving unit (see Gallery for a photo). This will continue to keep your home up to date with the latest in home design and unlike any other living space.

For starters, Neptune has introduced a new tone for the Autumn line which is „Ink“. This is a navy tone that is so dark it is almost black! The hint of blue is still recognizable, but this is definitely a color for those brave enough for something different. It goes great in spaces that are otherwise neutral and mixed with cognac brown tones and deep oranges for example. You can also use it as an accent color.

A new piece in the collections is Chawton, which can be customized to fit your specific needs. It can serve as a wine cellar-style storage, wall-to-wall bookcase, or a cabinet as big as you need it!  It is a freestanding furniture piece so you can move it as you feel necessary and adaptable, so it can be altered when you want to spice things up.