We have received a new shipment of the highest quality bath rugs, towels, mats and robes. These products come with a heritage that is defined by craftsmanship and a focus on comfort as well as quality. The experience spans over years and the end result is a product that is innovative in its design while using the finest yarns available in the world which in turn provides the end user with the highest level of comfort possible. The company from which this line stems from, has over 40 years of experience in the textile industry and although it is composed of a small team, the passion for textiles is big. It all started with the production of bath rugs in 1975 and it wasnt long before the product was recognized on a global level. Since then, it has evolved from bath rugs to include items such as towels, bathrobes and mats. Today, it is a third generation family business that has adopted the philosophy of high end, distinctive design using only the best materials possible. That combined with expert knowledge produces the items needed for the most pleasant bath experience possible. Stock up on items to create your own Bath/Wellness oasis in your own home!

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