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Luxurious Linen

The best inspiration can be gathered from world travels, and that applies to linen inspiration as well. That combined with a love for fabric and attention to detail creates these special linen collections that encompass pieces of Africa, Belgium and India as well as other parts of the world that the designer and creator visited on her travels with linen designs in mind.

In Africa, she gathered the best natural fibers to work with, which is the foundation of the long lasting and durable quality. In Belgium, the creator was amazed by the flax fields and the robust yet gentle fabric that was produced using this flax. India brought forward the craftsmanship when working with silk where all the weaving and finishing was done by hand, by the most skilled craftsmen in the field. The idea that this softening technique could be applied to linen was born here.

When describing the end product, the words floppy, soft and textured come to mind which make for a luxurious feeling linen fabric. A variety of techniques are used during the production of the linen, which include: Coutoure Techniques, Metal Embroidery, Embossing, Paisley and Stonewashing.

The company puts the environment in the forefront during the process from start to finish. They use 100% organic materials and make sure that the fibers that are used come from sustainable sources.

Additionally, we are very pleased to share the news that Bernie de Le Cuona was named one of the 50 Most Influential People in British Luxury according to the Walpole Power List of 2020.