Baskets can be a nice addition to any room with their versatile functions, and with these in particular they will also make a statement. What makes these baskets so unique is that the company that created them combined the traditional manufacturing techniques from Latin America with European fashion design. All of the products are created by artisans who work closely together with the designers to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality in both craftsmanship and design. The designs are born in the Madrid offices, where new patterns and prints are created and then sent on to Colombia where the artisans take over and produce them using ancient techniques. Once completed, the products are shipped to Spain for quality control and packaging.

There are new designs for each season and the production uses various materials such as Iraca, semi-precious stones, acrylic and Japanese glass beads. The techniques that are used are crocheting and manual weaving. Starting with a small group or artisans, it has since then evolved into 1200 which also include those that may be dealing with economic shortages. Over the last twelve years, there have been hundreds of employment opportunities provided within the community. All the more reason to support the product, not only its quality but also what it stands for.


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