Something everyone desires in their kitchen is storage. Apart from wall and base cabinets, there is one furniture piece that gives you a large amount of storage and that is the Larder. What the larder does so well is using every bit of available space to provide storage, including the insides of both doors. Here, you will find storage racks that can be used to group like-things together, for example – spices. They are also big enough to use for your breakfast items such as jams, cereals, and oatmeal.

Shelving is a given when it comes to storage solutions but even here the larder is one step ahead in that it has zigzag brackets which the shelving rests on and these are placed closely together (45mm to be exact) so that there is even more flexibility in how you want to arrange your shelving to fit your needs. You can choose to store taller items at the top and then make each following compartment a bit smaller. Or you could have 4 compartments of the same height. It all depends on what you want to store.

Its all in the details, which the larder surely doesn’t shy away from. Little things that you will notice are for example hidden magnets inside the cabinet door so that the doors close snuggly without having a distracting shiny magnet on the exterior, which would take away from the door design. The larder also provides a lot of depth to work with, so you can store items of all sizes.

Take a look for yourself at the below images of some larders that we love!

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