Japan is known as the land of crafts. All walks of life dedicate themselves to a wide range of crafts. These are split into 8 categories by the Japanese and they are: Ceramics, Textiles, Lacquer, Metal, Doll making, Wood working, Paper making, and other handicrafts. Craftsmanship in itself is considered art and therefore the craftsmen are honored with the title of being national treasures.

The buyers of these works of art can count on the object to be unique and truly one of a kind that they wont find anywhere else. The handmade pieces are made and shaped with patience which is evident at first glance. Many of the craftsmen are inspired to create these objects just for the sake of beauty and this drives their desire to find new ideas.

We would like to focus on one specific craft and its creator – Ceramics by the Okuda family. The company that was founded in the 1900s is now in its third generation of specialized, skilled craftsmen. The workshop spans over 1000 square meters and is located in Toki City, which literally translates into the City of Ceramics. The family has specialized themselves in working with fine porcelain, which is referred to as eggshell. This eggshell in turn produces objects that are both light and thin. Every stage of the process is handmade, and no machine is used except for the lathe to create the cup and the kiln which is needed for the firing. The designs, shapes and production all take place within the workshop and by the hands of the skilled craftsmen that have had generations of experience and are truly masters of their craft.

We are happy to share these pieces of art with you in our store.

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