When it comes to plates, vases, bowls and cups, one usually has an image of smooth lines and sleek designs that have been meticulously worked to perfection. The opposite is true of this new line of clay dishware, but that is the goal. The work is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi, which stands for the beauty of things imperfect, incomplete and impermanent. Its about striking a realistic balance, and allowing for the handmade nature of the objects to really shine. Inspiration is derived from the earth and the beauty of simple shapes, natural forms and found objects. It is simple but at the same time playful, and elicits a physical response and to be touched. Each item is made entirely by hand in California using coil building and slab construction techniques.

the coil building technique is a method of creating pottery. It has been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years, all over the world. From Africa to Greece and from China to New Mexico. The technique allows for the control of the walls as they are built up and makes it possible to build on top of the walls to make the vessel look bigger and to bulge outward or narrowly inward, which can be seen in a lot of the vases of the collection.

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