Easter Table

The popular easter table has been a tradition for many people throughout the years and we have some tips on how to create your own at home, with some photos of items we carry in store to help make your vision a reality!

Some focal points of the table include floral arrangements with three of the most commonly used flowers being lily of the valley, tulips and hyacinths. Lightly blooming twigs also make an appearance among the florals. A big vase is usually placed in the middle of the table. Vases of all sizes can be mixed on the table, but be sure to find elements that tie the table together like similiar materials or staying in the same color family, or else your table will come across as being too busy.

Easter is about harmony so if you have strong colors for your accents, tone it down with some neutral colors and use dishware that has clean lines and less structure if you went colorful and textured with your decoration. For your color palette, you can take inspiration from all of the flowers that are currently in bloom! You can go with bold and saturated or choose paler tones.

The egg is one of the most common symbols tied to Easter so try to include this delicate form on your table. Eggs are often combined with dotted guinea fowl feathers, laid out on the table or put into a nest or pretty bowl.

Look at the photos below to get some inspiration or come on by the store!