Cire Trudon places care for the environment at the top of their priorities, which is evident in many aspects of their products. They also play a large role in the Dark Bee Orne Conservancy. With its roots in the territory, which is in the Orne and Eure-et-Loir districts in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region, their participation in a project to protect local endangered species makes perfect sense. The initial participation included a financial commitment to the Nature Park in which their factory is located, in order to preserve the regions biodiversity. Not too long after, they joined forces with the local Orne Dark Bee Conservatory which helps protect the European dark bee. The species (apis mellifera) is an essential link in the regions biodiversity chain and a key to the survival of all species. Present day, this species is being threatened by the agriculture and industrial bee keeping practices.

Goals for 2019 included: to expand by 200 colonies, which they achieved with creating an opportunity for 144 live colonies during the spring and 225 wintered colonies in the autumn. Additionally, since 2019, 4% of each Cire scented candle or cameos is collected to support the Dark Bee Orne Conservancy.

In 2020, the goals included: Improvement of the central hive location, wood fences around the central hives, flower seed sowing around the hives, Construction of more small breeding hives to respond to strong demand from local beekeepers who wish to breed dark bees and a new vehicle for the Conservancy. All of which were achieved.

This partnership and contribution fits perfectly to the company’s motto which is: “Deo regique laborant”, meaning, “they (the bees) work for God and the King”.

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