There is a centuries old quilting tradition from the Guild of Tailors that was established in 1272 in Krakow, Poland that is still being used today to create high quality, soft Alpaca duvets, pillows, and throws. The handmade duvets are made from cotton satin that is filled with 100% pure Alpaca fiber. What makes this material so favorable is that it has extraordinary thermoregulatory qualities and a high level of comfort which combined ensures a perfect nights sleep.

Production starts with the sourcing and treating of the alpaca fibers. This includes the shearing, cleaning and carding of the fiber. Carding is a technique that uses hundreds of small needles on the rollers comb of the machine, which help to create strands of fine, ordered threads. Casing is done as soon as the carding step in the process is completed. Casing is the act of placing the material between two sheets. This needs to take place before the precise construction and quilting can begin.

Since all of the products are handmade, the result is always unique and one of a kind. There have been new additions to the brand which include a Yacht collection that is preppy, navy blue and carries an ornate Toile, and the The Hamptons Collection which features light dusty blue tones.

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