Bhutan is the only country in the world that has set aside more than 26% of its territory as a national park. Set in the Himalayan Arc, mixed forests cover 80% of the land area which has helped wildlife flourish and has provided the environment needed to preserve immeasurable biodiversity over the years. The serene landscapes and rich heritage has created a land that has its values in ecology, spirituality, architecture and craftsmanship. The craft of weaving is deeply rooted in the Bhutanese culture and is an integral part of early childhood education so that the trade can be honed from an early age and passed on to generations.

With the rich landscape and environment, plenty of natural materials can be found to help in the production of the woven crafts. Dye is made using the diversity of plants found in Bhutan. Fresh leaves, flowers, bark, etc. among others give color to the finished pieces that are made with local wool and nettle yarns. A more specific example that is often used are matter roots which create various shades of red and orange. The final product will vary depending on the season, the amount of sun or rain and the type of soil.

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