Artisanal Expertise

Gain key access to our co-operating team of experts

Through intensive planning and the logistical preparation in conjunction with our co-operating team of Carpentry & other hand working Experts, our clients gain key access to this service we so dearly trust.

Through many projects realized over years of service, we can further use the accumulated knowledge and experience gained successfully.

Our credo has always been to seek out handworkers, ready to be flexible and willing to tackle any special project, also in the area of sewing and upholstery.

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For kitchen installation, we co-operate with a team of skilled workers, who have certification gained directly by the NEPTUNE carpentry department.

These handworkers are specialized in hand woodworking, using traditional methods.

All products are carefully constructed, piece by piece.
Wood is an integral part of our design concept, providing unique, luxurious and comfortable interiors.

Our Parquet Flooring, of unusual quality and beauty, is another example of these traditional woodworking methods, created and specified on-site; the production carried out to perfection.

Such investments are timeless, beyond all trends.