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Kitchens made of sustainably produced real wood - timelessly beautiful quality for every lifestyle adapts to all living situations with loving details

The kitchen is the center of the home, and provides an opportunity for showcasing the homeowner’s style. It has become modern to cook together, and spend time enjoying each other’s company in this cozy manner. The kitchen has become firmly reestablished as the meeting point of exchange. Kitchens from NEPTUNE are perfect for this kind of living and this set of values!

There are four kitchen lines, CHICHESTER, SUFFOLK, HENLEY, and LIMEHOUSE, all with much attention to design details paired with great functionality.
Cabinetry is stacked and supplemented, not only increasing stability but also with the big advantage that these kitchens can be broken down and re-assembled upon moving.
A NEPTUNE kitchen never ages, it just gets better.

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Spanning the range from a harmonious and practical „mini-kitchen“ all the way to a complete refurbishing of the entire kitchen space, NEPTUNE provides solutions for all types of projects, in all spaces. Perhaps there is a move on the way, and the chance to expand the kitchen area, or to add a laundry room or bring together an open dining / living area?

With HELMA INTERIOR all this is no problem; your wishes are our commands! We can realize with creativity flexible solutions which amount to a wonderful extension of a new-found quality of living.

We offer household accessories from many high-quality producers: In addition to Neptune kitchen accessories, we have, for example, a beautiful tea assortment from Mariage Frères, tableware from Alix de Reynis and Vincent van Duysen as well as dish towels, table linen and napkins from Leitner Leinen.

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"Kitchens are living spaces - no two lives are the same. Finding out what's right is fascinating every time."