Exquisite home accessories & unique pieces

Away from rapid consumption, you will find treasures to accentuate your living style - in the Helma Interior Store & Showroom

Since many years we have sought out and built up a network of manufacturers who creating lovely and luxurious accessories for the home. We treasure the traditional manufacturing methods.
We are willing to spend time and energy to be able to present a selection of such fine goods, enhancing our client’s selection and chances of acquiring such treasured items!

Emphasized here is the opportunity to actively support sustainability worldwide, not only creating and supporting those artisans and treating their creations with the respect they deserve, but also to set high moral trading standards and turn away from mindless consume.

Are you looking for a unique piece, an incomparable gift or inspiration?

After over twenty years in the business, we are proud to sense that these values are represented in our store at Heidelberg and passed on to our clients.

Our cooperating trade partners are important to us—whether a linen manufacturer from Austria, a porcelain manufacturer in Limoges, France, restaurateurs from Spain, or weavers in Nepal, all of them are working in their unique ways for us and deserve utmost respect.

We treasure their traditional methods and artisan performance.

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"That special moment of discovering a beautiful piece and knowing you've been looking for it forever.
As if it just belongs to you."