Helma Interior Store and Showroom

Our decision to cooperate with the furniture manufacturer, NEPTUNE of England, has been a very conscious one. Their collection is composed of different series which can be combined in all ways for many different purposes.

On our showroom floor, it is evident how flexible one can be with NEPTUNE.
In all style directions, whether Land house or Urban, NEPTUNE has solutions to offer.

Like to get a free & individual consultation?

Their built-in kitchens provide the possibility of adding together individual elements which can be freely combined. Called the whole-house concept, NEPTUNE provides the foundation for a sound interior design theme for furniture and accessories in every room in your home.

Sustainable materials, manufactured with traditional woodworking methods, create pieces of excellence, In addition, there is a highly skilled service for individualization.

Each season a wonderfully illustrated catalog is provided, cost-free, to our interested customers.