Exquisite solid wood & stone flooring

We design for you with selected natural stone floors in "used" look, solid wood panel parquet and solid wood floorboards - all according to old, traditional craftsmanship!

Sometimes the renovation process allows for the opportunity to consider a new floor.

Analog to the style which NEPTUNE identifies with, HELMA INTERIOR also has access to such flooring created from Limestone and Sandstone in their array of beautiful natural colors.

These floors are specially treated along the edges and on the surfaces to establish a „used“ look, therefore helping to retain the same beautiful visual impression for a lifetime!

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Flooring made from solid wood, also referred to as parquet flooring, traditionally handcrafted by a special woodworking manufacturer, has been laid in our store/ showroom and large samples, often made after historical patterns, are available to be seen in our store.

Parquet flooring, created piece by piece, is hand-laid, patinated, and treated on-site.

Such flooring is wonderful, and lives forever.

Helma Interior Beratung Moebel 01

"The joy of coming home, kicking off your shoes and feeling the aliveness with every step under the soles of your feet."