Exquisite fabrics for windows, furniture, cushions and decoration

Large selection of natural fibres - linen, cotton, silk & cashmere at Helma Interior Store

Textiles, carefully chosen, can be directional in pulling together interiors.

There seem to be a sheer endless array of fabrics with all their haptic qualities, patterns and fibers. Each type of fabric has unique characteristics, fulfilling different purposes.

Beautiful fabrics accentuate the room, creating a newfound ambience.

In our vast collection, one can easily find fabrics suited to drapery, upholstery, blinds, pillows and much more.

Would you like to know more about our exquisite fabrics?

Over the years, we have hand-picked the best textile manufacturers. We know which material is best used for which purposes and are happy to advise you.

We are especially well stocked with the luxurious and natural fabrics such as Linen, Cotton, Silk and Cashmere.

We are always looking for new fabric collections. For your exceptional home.

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"These fine fabrics made from natural fibres almost speak to you. They breathe, are alive and delight every time anew".