Brilliant colors & wallpapers

We create room harmony with these unique products, sustainable & individually manufactured for your distinctive home

A good foundation for the successful design of living space is the careful choice of wall paints and wallpapers. At Helma Interior we provide a wide range of each, including historical shades.

The LITTLE GREENE Paint & Paper Company coordinates with ENGLISH HERITAGE, the National Trust of England.
Pulling together design elements can be effectively done with a clever use of color.
Wallpaper can add additional innovative accents.

Interested in an individual color consultation?

LITTLE GREENE is a long-standing manufacturer of paints and wallpapers, using traditional methods to create top-quality, long-lasting products, made from only the finest ingredients and natural pigments, resulting in shades and depth which cannot be reproduced nor copied.

Especially the density of pigment used creates the visual difference! Each order is freshly produced for the client’s demands.

Each shade can be produced in the products geared towards the surface of the project: walls, woodwork, metal, flooring, even exterior surfaces.

In fact, touch-ups can also be performed, without leaving a trace.

Helma Interior Beratung Farben 01

" Fully immersed in the wonderful world of colour, creating the right harmony with patience. Finding the right scope and that particular something for each unique space."