Little Greene Paint & Paper at Helma Interior

Harmony of colors & wallpapers are the basis for your perfect home. We know how to do it!

LITTLE GREENE Paint and Paper Company stands for timelessly beautiful shades of wall color, wallpapers and a close bond to nature. This independent, family-run English company produces paint and wallpaper environmentally sustainable, yet of the utmost quality.

This remarkable concept can also be found in the large unique wallpaper collection of LITTLE GREENE, often based on historical documents. Highly specialized printing machines are used with the highest quality paper, creating fine structures and beautiful color combinations, but also a product which has durability and longevity.

At Helma Interior we know how essential the harmony of colors & wallpapers are for your perfect home.

Would you like to learn more about the great tradition of LITTLE GREENE?

Special notice should be made about the density of the highest quality pigments used. These fine shades of color achieved react subtlety with changes in light.

The unique characteristics of these paints are due to 40% more pigmentation used in the manufacturing than any other brand on the market, achieved with special combinations of various colored pigments. You can touch up the painted areas even after years without visible difference! All colors can be used as a reference and can be ordered later.

This highest level of standard is based on years of experience and revision- resulting in products of the best quality on the market.

Until now, the LITTLE GREENE Paint & Paper Company uses many of the materials used in the past to produce its incomparably beautiful colors. In doing so, LITTLE GREENE Paint & Paper Company relies not only on the continuous maintenance of the highest color quality, but also on the continuation of old traditions.

LITTLE GREENE cooperates with the English national heritage and conservation organizations, the NATIONAL TRUST as well as the ENGLISH HERITAGE.

Paints & Papers by Little Greene - Unique & individually made - in connection with nature for timeless living