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Longpi Pottery originates from the Indian state of Manipur. More specifically, it is created by the Tangkhul Naga tribe who live in Manipur.
In Northern India you can find a group of metal artisans, known locally as the Thatheras. They are a native community whose roots go back to hundreds of years.
Sustainability is at the forefront of every product that we hand select and we value companies that have made this a top priority as well.
Something everyone desires in their kitchen is storage. Apart from wall and base cabinets, there is one furniture piece that gives you a large amount of storage
When redesigning or renovating a kitchen, an island is often at the top of the clients wish list. It is often the centerpiece of a kitchen, no matter the size.
Each item is made entirely by hand in California using coil building and slab construction techniques.
The handmade duvets are made from cotton satin that is filled with 100% pure Alpaca fiber.
Die einzigartige, luxuriöse Seide wird von geschickten einheimischen Kunsthandwerkern aus Indien gewebt.
“Dem luxuriösen Handwerk des Leders verpflichtet”, beschreibt am besten die Kunsthandwerker von dem spanischen Hersteller und Einzelhändler
Ein Streben für ein plastikfreien Alltag führt zu kreativen Lösungen. Hier ist die Herausforderung neue Wege zu entdecken,
With the warmer temperatures, the first barbecues and outdoor gatherings are taking place and we have just the thing that will make them even sweeter!