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The importance of a nice Home

The importance of a nice Home 527 800 Julia Ochsenreither

We have always valued a nice home and have had a lasting passion for Interior Design. But now more than ever we are really reinforced in our belief that a nice interior can have a big impact on the well being of its occupants. A space creates an atmosphere that can make you feel comfortable, safe, inspired, and energized all at the same time, if done right.

All of us have been spending a lot of time at home in the recent weeks. No matter where you call home, whether its a house out in the suburbs or out in the country, or a condo downtown, its important that you create a space you enjoy spending a lot of time in. With this extra time, it could be a great opportunity to think about ways you can spruce up your interiors and plan some home improvement projects!

A good place to start is to ask yourself how you want the space to feel. Formal and elegant or playful and modern? Here it helps to sort out the things that you don’t like. For example, colors, patterns or fabrics that you definitely don’t want to include in your home.

Color is a big part of interiors and setting the tone of the home. Whether it is an accent wall or an entire room, color will evoke different feelings. A quick look into Color Psychology reveals that earth tones have a grounding effect, yellow is energizing, red is stimulating and so on. In any case, colors have a huge impact on a persons mood.

See the photos below for some inspiration! All photos are courtesy of Little Greene Paint and Paper, a company we carry in store!

Stay tuned for more tips in our next blog post, and stay healthy!

Easter Table

Easter Table 1536 2048 Julia Ochsenreither

The popular easter table has been a tradition for many people throughout the years and we have some tips on how to create your own at home, with some photos of items we carry in store to help make your vision a reality!

Some focal points of the table include floral arrangements with three of the most commonly used flowers being lily of the valley, tulips and hyacinths. Lightly blooming twigs also make an appearance among the florals. A big vase is usually placed in the middle of the table. Vases of all sizes can be mixed on the table, but be sure to find elements that tie the table together like similiar materials or staying in the same color family, or else your table will come across as being too busy.

Easter is about harmony so if you have strong colors for your accents, tone it down with some neutral colors and use dishware that has clean lines and less structure if you went colorful and textured with your decoration. For your color palette, you can take inspiration from all of the flowers that are currently in bloom! You can go with bold and saturated or choose paler tones.

The egg is one of the most common symbols tied to Easter so try to include this delicate form on your table. Eggs are often combined with dotted guinea fowl feathers, laid out on the table or put into a nest or pretty bowl.

Look at the photos below to get some inspiration or come on by the store!

Fabric from the Himalayas

Fabric from the Himalayas 605 402 Julia Ochsenreither

We are excited to announce a new product that we will be carrying in store which is coming to us from a region in the Himalayas known as the Bhutan region. It is an area that is rich in culture and tradition, including the tradition of weaving which is passed down from generation to generation. Textiles have always played an important role in the culture of the Bhutanese, due to the fact that they have many traditional cultural celebrations throughout the year, in which costumes play a large role. The new line of textiles showcases the work of around 20 textile companies, which includes more than 200 weavers. The art of weaving is such an integral part of the culture, that they believe that weaving bring peace and balance.

With the rich nature of the region (70% of its territory is covered in forest), it only makes sense that they would value using regional and natural products and techniques when producing the fabrics. Some materials that are included are: recycled raw silk, wool, cotton, pure wool, among others. Natural dyeing methods are also used in the process. The recipes for the dye are passed down secretly within the families. The Bhutanese value the land and have learned from early on how to use its natural resources in more areas than just weaving. We stand behind these natural methods and materials used for these products that vary greatly in colors and designs!

My Internship at Helma Interior

My Internship at Helma Interior 2048 1536 Julia Ochsenreither

My name is Emma and I did a one-week internship at Helma Interior Design in Heidelberg.  During that time, I was able to get a good overview of the services Helma Interior is offering their clients. The store offers high quality furnishings in a modern style as well as some selected antiques.  Furthermore, they provide a custom project planning with an interior architect. The entire store has a very pleasing and elegant atmosphere.

During the course of my internship, I was able to get an initiation of vending at a retail store. I learned some useful things, which are also very handy to know for everyday life. For me personally, it was very much fun to get in contact with clients.  Due to the fact that every client is different and you get in contact with interesting people.

Later in that week I got to meet Kristine Schober, who is one of the interior architects at Helma interior. She shared some of her expert knowledge with me and explained the main substance of her current projects. One of them included a window decoration. Therefor she taught me many things, for example what different types of pleat tape you can get. The following day I then participated in one of her counselling interviews, which was very fun.

Ultimately I can say, that the store offers a wide spectrum of interior furniture and accessories. From wooden furniture to thin, exclusive fabrics and custom service you can get there everything an interior enthusiast could ask for.

It was a pleasure that Helma Interior offered me the opportunity to gain an insight into this job.


Best regards,


Pillow Fight!

Pillow Fight! 1536 2048 Julia Ochsenreither

Pillows are a wonderful accessory for every home. They can tie together an entire room and make the end product beautiful. They help create a certain atmosphere in a room and serve as a means of comfort. Who hasn’t had that experience of sinking into a soft pillow?

A good thing to do is to get a sense of color for the whole room and to gather these in a pillow collection. You can add neutral tones such as grey, beige, black and white. You can also change the colors according to the different seasons. Fall and Winter will have more muted tones while spring and summer bring fresh and bright colors.

Pillows come in an endless amount of patterns and materials. You can choose from more reserved patterns to unique patterns. A lot can be evoked by using a more unique pattern on its own and mixing it with very neutral pillows. For example, having a row of 5 pillows lined up with the center pillow having an interesting pattern turning into the focal point. Big pillows should be kept more toned down while little pillows can shine with their fun patterns.

Pillows come in different sizes, and its a good idea to mix up the sizes of the pillows as well. Here in Germany, those options are: 50×50, 40×40 and 30×40. You can play around with different ways of arranging the sizes to  best suit your needs.

The Fabrics vary greatly as well. We prefer to use natural materials and fabrics for our pillows, including linen, cotton, silk, Cashmere or Alpaca fur. Everything is welcome. This is another way for you to personalize your selections with material and color.

Solid wood specialty parquet flooring

Solid wood specialty parquet flooring 5472 3648 Julia Ochsenreither

We have worked with skilled craftsmen from the czech republic that produce solid wood specialty parquet flooring as well as furniture pieces. Most pieces are custom and they are true masters at creating the customers unique visions.

The wood used in the projects comes from the Czech Republic, and production also takes place there. Hundreds of square meters of new floors are produced in a two story building equipped with state of the art capentry workshops. Here, they implement the most recent and innovative production techniques. The flooring ranges from boards, parquet flooring to complicated parquet panels. There are 12 basic types of floors that are available in the portfolio, but bespoke parquet panels are more commonly produced to fit the clients needs. The company does not believe in series production so each project is truly unique. For surface treatment hard natural wax oils are used or a wide range of finishing coats made by the English producer Farrow&Ball.

The projects are handcrafted and go through rigorous controls before they reach the clients.

Loro Piana Headquarter Visit

Loro Piana Headquarter Visit 1536 2048 Julia Ochsenreither

For years now we have been working with the wonderful fabric collection from Loro Piana fabrics.

They invited us to visit them in their headquarters in Quarona, in northern Italy and we gladly accepted the invitation. We were welcomed very kindly and they invested a lot of time in our visit. They showed us the process of production for the rare Natural fibers from start (raw material shipment received) to the finished product.

The company, Loro Piana is already in the 6th Generation and therefore they have an unbelievable depth of knowledge and standard of perfection. They have worked in their field so long and know that they can depend on their highly qualified and well-paid delivery personnel who always deliver the best quality fibers. Every step of production is documented and controlled. They even have their own laboratory in which they constantly check the quality and components of the fibers. Their guidelines are very strict. The actual process is a small wonder in itself. From sorting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and straightening. There are an endless amount of techniques that are used to create the high quality Loro Piana Fabrics.

Loro Piana is proud of the fact that they employ 3000 people which makes them an important employer in the region. The workspaces, impressive production halls and focus on the environment reflect the company’s philosophy which is to make no compromises when it comes to the work and the product.

With the creation of the home collection, Loro Piana is making it possible to now purchase these wonderful high-quality products directly from the source, without any purchasing entities in between. The prices are determined by Loro Piana. For us, Loro Piana fabrics is the nicest and most timeless foundation of classic home decoration with textiles that offer traditional craftsmanship.

Unique Christmas Decorations

Unique Christmas Decorations 768 1087 Julia Ochsenreither

Christmas decorations are available everywhere this time of year. But what if you want something that is a bit out of the ordinary and unique? We have plenty of options that will bring the Christmas spirit into your home in a special way! With all of the options, it is easy to create arrangements that are completely personalized to you.

In the Winter collection you will find natural materials, shades of grey,violet and brown which are timeless and can be used in any room of the house. All items are as always, handmade by skilled craftsmen that are experts in their craft. These items include brass ornaments that look lovely with the contrast of the pine green trees.  The materials that are used are transparent organza, frosted mother of pearl and gossamer filament which mixes well with rustic zinc, golden brass and mouth blown glass. These materials are then bent, braided and folded into the shape of angels, hearts, stars and leaves to name just a few. The inspiration for the designs come from world travel as well as nature. They can be classified into different style directions, including modern bohemian and classic with a twist.

Wether you are looking to expand your christmas decor collection or still need a few presents, take a look at what we have in store and become inspired!


Interning at Helma Interior

Interning at Helma Interior 768 1024 Julia Ochsenreither

My name is Jana and I did an internship at Helma Interior Design in Heidelberg.  I`ll give you a little insight into what I’ve done. I spent the last two weeks interning at Helma Interior, which gave me the opportunity to get to know all the areas that Helma Interior Design represents. Have fun reading!

On my first day in my internship, I went at 8 am to Heidelberg. Once there, I was greeted by Karen Niles. After we got to know each other, she introduced me to the morning routine in the store. This store is exhibited with handmade, luxurious furniture, jewelry, decorative and unique items. It is very elegant but gives you as a customer also a cozy feeling.

Later in the day I was introduced to Jannet Butzinger, the interior architect as well as Kristine Schober. On this day, Jannet Butzinger took me to visit a client not far away, so I had the opportunity to experience what the everyday life of an interior architect looks like. Furthermore, I got the task to draw a room by myself, which was really fun.

On Tuesday recruiters from Little Green visited us and presented their new products. A little later in the day, a recruiter for fabric came for a meeting and presented the newest collection of textiles. I found it particularly interesting to join those meetings and to learn trough this way more about textiles and colors. Moreover, Jannet took me with her to another client and showed me what they already did in the house and what is in process. 

In conclusion I can say that it was really interesting to see how much work and love they put in the store. There is a place for every little item. Every item is standing in the right place and attracts the attention of the customer. Through this internship, I could experience the workday of each person, as well as all the tasks. I could see that it never gets boring and that the work is very diversified. In my opinion, especially this is really exciting and important. 

Best regards,


Neptune: Fall and Winter Collection

Neptune: Fall and Winter Collection 4032 3024 Julia Ochsenreither

As usual, Neptune doesn’t disappoint in this seasons Autumn and Winter collection. Among many of the new items and color palettes, is a fully customizeable wall shelving unit (see Gallery for a photo). This will continue to keep your home up to date with the latest in home design and unlike any other living space.

For starters, Neptune has introduced a new tone for the Autumn line which is „Ink“. This is a navy tone that is so dark it is almost black! The hint of blue is still recognizable, but this is definitely a color for those brave enough for something different. It goes great in spaces that are otherwise neutral and mixed with cognac brown tones and deep oranges for example. You can also use it as an accent color.