• The scented candles by 'Cire Trudon' come in beautifully hand-blown Venetian glasses and have a fascinating background.

    The tradition-conscious production dates back as far as 1643, when Cire Trudon's candle making was still based in an old monastery on the outskirts of Paris. Today Cidre Trudon looks back on a captivating history that tells the story of their candles being delivered even to King Louis XVI and Napoleon.

    Throughout the centuries the production of the candles has been based on herbal and all-natural waxes that are melted together with a sensational scent composition. The delicate fragrances of this candle collection will accentuate your natural room odours without overpowering them.

  • This French-based company begun trading with fine teas and spices in 1660 and has since then been known for its exquisite tea tradition. Their passion for gustatory perfection and aesthetic refinement has given birth to true delights for tea-connoisseurs.

    Nothing could better describe the cosmopolitan style of the business than their own company motto 'travel around the world in one day'.

  • Raspini is a Florence-based silversmithing company that produces pieces with a recognisable style that are great gifts for any occasion.

    Giovanni Raspini is truly unique in its design language and sculptural elaborations – by using traditional casting techniques, every piece of Sterling silver is given a distinct shape with an astonishingly realistic references to our natural surroundings.

  • Novila has been working as a family business in the Black Forest since 1946. This is where they create their masterpieces from finest materials and with utmost precision. Their pieces are suitable for the everyday and show the makers' incredible attention to detail.

  • In the 80s Henry Beguelin was founded with the idea of working leather by hand and in accord with traditional techniques. The company is proud to say that it only processes plant dyed leather, particular pearls and waxed threads for stitching. Every piece is uniquely individual and fabricated entirely by hand.

    The collection comprises fashion accessories and furniture pieces that allow Italy's rich history of skilled craftsmanship to merge with a contemporary lifestyle.

  • 18th Century Belgium/ Flanders saw a growth in linen production and it is in this historic context that Libeco was born.

    The production of linen and its subsequent processing was done with great respect for the knowledge of past generations. It was dedicated to perfection and sustainability – two aspirations the company still cherishes today.

    Libeco has been awarded the title 'Master of Linen' and supplies linen to the Belgian royalty.

  • Barbor has gained 50 years of experience in the production of high-quality beauty products that are based on natural ingredients and scientific understanding.

    They have created a skin care range that is made up only of biological, plant-based components. Perfumes, artificial colouring and parabens are avoided at all times.

    This dedication to care results in products that are both skin-friendly and effective.

  • Luxury terry cloth and bed linen from Japan.

    This producer is devoutly committed to incorporating tradition whilst also demanding the highest possible quality. Uchino processes a particularly strong and long-threaded material called Sea Island.

    Cotton, which is spun hollow on the inside. This allows for ultra-light weight and increased absorbency of their products.

  • Artel is known for its traditional and artistic glassblowing. The Czech company produces exquisite hand-blown, unleaded crystal pieces of the highest quality with decorations that are all done by hand.

    Both collectors and design lovers are enriched by the glassware’s exceptional forms and colour nuances. The multitude of Artel's design variations makes every piece unique.

  • In the mid-seventies Chapelier developed bags in Paris that were made my materials commonly used in the automotive industry.

    The combination of material and making resulted in a chic and iconic bag that is suitable for everyday use – the bag is both a timeless piece of qualitative manufacture and a stylish fashion accessory.

  • This Swedish company operates on an international scale and is known for its apt reinterpretation of the 'New England Style'.

    By employing outstanding craftsmanship, Lexington follows the traditional aesthetic of the East Coast lifestyle.

    The changing collections always build upon existing basics, so that bed linen, table linen and even the garments can be combined in visual harmony. A wonderfully thought-through concept!

  • This impressive cutlery from Laguiole (Auvergne) has been made according to traditional French techniques of craftsmanship for over 100 years.

    Claude Dozorme's trademark symbol is that of a bee – with it one can associate the company's high-quality products that are made of stainless steel and decorated with brass and horn. Indispensable for grand table culture!

  • Only a select few natural ingredients are used to produce these fine, Florentine room scents.

    The subtle composition of the scents tell stories, awaken positive emotions and mediate a general state of wellbeing.

    Dr. Vranjes' personal passion for distilling essences is rooted in Renaissance techniques. The crystal perfume bottle resembles the Florentine dome and will decorate your room.

  • Leitner stands for precious natural yarn and is proud to have accomplished the production and processing of incredibly intricate and difficult fibres. The company takes utmost care to ensure that the colours have the highest possible meaning and impact. The availability of various different colour shades allow you to pick and choose so as to achieve your ideal combination.

    Leitner is flexible in fulfilling customer’s individual wishes regarding bed linen, table linen, towels or other fabrics for the interior. Their creations stand for a personalised, contemporary luxury suitable for further generations to come.

  • The North Italian company Loro Piana has been trading with finest wool and fabrics since the early nineteenth century.

    Since then they have established themselves as a world leader in providing luxury yarns.

    The collection of fabrics is carefully balanced, elegant and stands for exceptional quality – their cashmere plaids are well-matched and noteworthy.