• "The world is full of happiness,
    learning to see aspects of it is an art itself."

    It was after I had completed my medical studies, proceeded in a career as a pathologist and given birth to two daughters that I rediscovered my love of quality and my passion for detail. Since then I have embarked on a continuous search for modernity by finding products that communicate and combine traditional types of handicraft, unparalleled techniques of craftsmanship and the usage of remarkable materials. This has formed the basis of Helma Interior's design philosophy. I devote myself and my expertise to the task of preselecting sustainably sourced, beautiful pieces for you and your home.


    My twenty-five years of professional experience in fashion, marketing and space concept design form the core of Helma Interior's store concept. This core is defined by a continuous search for a timeless composition of elegant, high-quality products that showcase masterful craftsmanship and carefully selected materials.
    The product selection has been strongly influenced by the inspiration I have found in distant places and faraway cultures – I am passionate in my search for exceptional pieces that are both sophisticated and authentic. Helma Interior's curation continually strives towards the achievement of a mature, well-balanced design aesthetic.